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Looking for a CHSC healthcare professional or team member? Find them here—and give your support for their sacrifices and commitment to serve the poor.

By sponsoring a CHSC healthcare professional, you will become a valued partner in our work bringing lifesaving care to thousands of people. Each of our healthcare professionals help raise their salary and expenses while serving.

Some CHSC staff members and volunteers may not be found here because of their location or term of service. Please contact us if you are looking for a volunteer or staff member not listed here.

Beth Stuebing & Ben Adams

Celeste & Brent Adrian

Verlin and Debbie Anderson

Dr. Kent & Amber Brantly

Dr. Will and Allison Caire

Dr. Warren and Dr. Lindsey Cooper

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Priscila Cummings

Justin & Cassandra Daggett

Tim and Stacey DeKoninck

Brian & Olivia Dungog

Joseph & Rebecca Harvey

Matthew and Mary Hollands

Jerry & Elizabeth Koleski

Ellisa & Jason Krumm

Shem & Catherine Mabongor

Dr Ashley and Mike McCurry

Greg Miller PhD & Dr. Christina Miller

Michael & Shanaree Muzinich

Bert & Debbie Oubre

Stephen & Amy Snell

Matthew & Carrie Taylor

Dr. Troy & Jammie Tompkins

Micah Wilfong and Dr. Britney Grayson

Jessica Winston

Michael & Claire Wood

Adam and Dr. Michelle Yates

Bob and Dr. Jean Young

Greg and Candi Seager

Steve and Mary Tschoepe

Ethan and Elizabeth Helm

Dr. Tariq Parvez

Steve & Caitlin Twyman

Dr. Tim and Dr. Maureen Gaul

Dr. Judith Blumhofer

Gabriel and Rebecca Ellis

Dave and Marinajo Fields

Andrew and Alisa Geers

Lauren and Caleb Genry

Drs. Isaac & Anne Hotz

Walter & Adriana Madalinski

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Preliminary Application for Missionary Service

This application is step one in making application to Christian Health Service Corps as a long-term medical or support staff missionary. If you are interested in serving for less than three years, please see the CHSC Reserve Corps Application.

Preliminary Application for Missionary Service

Faith Questions

Christian Health Service Corps is an interdenominational Christian mission that holds the Apostles' Creed as our Christian Statement of Faith. The key qualification for missionary service is being a true disciple of Jesus.  

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Reserve Corps Application

Our Reserve Corps program allows healthcare professionals seeking to volunteer short-term to do so in a way that supports long-term Christian medical missions work. CHSC places healthcare professionals in a growing list of Christian hospitals across Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions. Christian Health Service Corps works to improve access to primary healthcare, surgical services, and community-based disease prevention services. Non-Christian volunteers are accepted on a case by case basis but solely at the discretion of the hospital and CHSC team the volunteer will be supporting.

Reserve Corps Application

Faith Questions

Christian Health Service Corps staff are missionary medical professionals, but we do invite our non-Christian colleagues to join our effort to bring quality healthcare to the poor at the discretion of mission hospital and CHSC staff at the facility. Every volunteer is expected to follow the hospital dress code, where there is one, and code of conduct.

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