What We Do

Community Health

CHSC Mobile Clinics

Many of the locations CHSC serves are so remote the people have no healthcare. CHSC operates mobile clinics in some locations to bring Christ-centered compassionate healthcare to those communities. These clinics provide basic primary healthcare for children and families in remote communities.

Community Health Empowerment

Many causes of under 5 child death in poor communities are responsive to low-cost community health education initiatives. CHSC works to train volunteer health educators in many village communities. Those volunteers then become a trusted resource in their village for health information and at home care for sick children. They teach families how to prevent diseases like Malaria, and treat diarrhea initiate community childhood vaccination programs. They also educate mothers on how to improve nutrition of children, even in food poor settings, and help address the social conditions that cause malnutrition. They also teach on the need for maternal and prenatal care, and help mothers decide when to seek care from a healthcare provider for their families.

The strategy of training someone in the community to be a health educator and who can other health educators is known as CHE, Community Health Empowerment. It empowers the community to identify and respond to its own health challenges without being dependent on outsiders. CHSC health educators have initiated this self-replicating program in many communities around the world.