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We support Christian hospitals, but we can’t do it alone!

One recent study estimates that more than 50% of the healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa is provided by church-run Christian mission hospitals and health programs. Experience tells us it is likely closer to 70% of truly functional healthcare services. Sadly, these hospitals are now closing in great numbers. We have lost 200 Christian mission hospitals over the past 15 years in Asia, and we estimate hundreds more have closed across sub-Saharan Africa.

The Church’s role in healthcare for the poor

The Command to “heal the sick” is not just for healthcare professionals – it is for the entire Church. Christians invented ways of caring for the sick and dying, not for a paycheck, but rather as a core part of being His disciples.

Thousands of Christian mission hospitals were established in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and other regions of the world. These hospitals are a tangible demonstration of Christ’s love, mercy, and compassion, but sadly they are now closing in great numbers.

As the Church’s vision for healthcare has decreased, so has the number of full-time Christian medical workers serving the poor internationally. We estimate there are only about 1,300 serving full-time around the world.

There are hundreds of Church-run Christian hospitals in poor countries fighting for survival. They need the help of the Church in wealthy countries to fulfill God’s call to heal the sick. 

Ways you can help


Pray with us


Support a national missionary to be a missionary physician or healthcare professional in their own country.


We need healthcare professionals but also teachers, mechanics, engineers, IT, photographers/ videographers, architects, carpenters, mechanics, and more.

Invite CHSC to Speak or Host a Medical Missions Event at your Church

CHSC does educational events to educate medical professionals on best practices in medical missions

Have We Left Our First Love?

Healing the sick has always been part of the Christian identity. From the earliest promise of healing in Exodus 15:25 and 26, to the missionary journeys of Paul, healing has been an integral part of the Christian faith. Even the medical emblem we are all so familiar with comes directly from the Old Testament Book of Numbers chapter 21. It is that emblem Jesus compares himself to in John Chapter 3.

The first ecumenical council of Nicea in 325 AD directed bishops to establish places to care for the sick and dying hospices/hospitals. The first hospital was built by in Caesarea on Cappadocia about 369 AD. It was one of a “large number of buildings with houses for physicians and nurses, workshops, and industrial schools.” In about 390, Fabiola, a wealthy widow and student of St. Jerome, built the first hospital in Western Europe, in the city of Rome.

By the sixth century, hospitals were linked with monasteries. The love for Christ was their motivation. St. Benedict in the sixth century placed the care of the sick central to the Benedictine religious order in their monasteries. He stated “Care of the sick, is to be placed above… every other duty, as if indeed Christ was being directly served by waiting on them.”

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This application is step one in making application to Christian Health Service Corps as a long-term medical or support staff missionary. If you are interested in serving for less than three years, please see the CHSC Reserve Corps Application.

Preliminary Application for Missionary Service

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Christian Health Service Corps is an interdenominational Christian mission that holds the Apostles' Creed as our Christian Statement of Faith. The key qualification for missionary service is being a true disciple of Jesus.  

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Our Reserve Corps program allows healthcare professionals seeking to volunteer short-term to do so in a way that supports long-term Christian medical missions work. CHSC places healthcare professionals in a growing list of Christian hospitals across Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions. Christian Health Service Corps works to improve access to primary healthcare, surgical services, and community-based disease prevention services. Non-Christian volunteers are accepted on a case by case basis but solely at the discretion of the hospital and CHSC team the volunteer will be supporting.

Reserve Corps Application

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The Christian Healthcare Services Corps (CHSC) is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare services to underserved communities worldwide. Our mission is to bring Christ-centered, compassionate care where needed most, and we deploy Christian healthcare professional staff and volunteers to our Christian-based partners. We appreciate your interest in working with our organization and providing your specialties to the less fortunate.

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