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Prayer is an Integral Part of Our Identity

Prayer is an integral part of the mission of Christian Health Service Corps. We pray with and for our patients. Our USA operations team prays every day for our team around the world, for our patients, our national colleagues, hospitals, and you, our partners. We covet your prayers and firmly believe it is your prayer support that is largely responsible for our ongoing success in fulfilling our mission.

Please join us and others around the world as we pray for the countries where we serve, the patients in need of healing, our dedicated medical missionary staff serving around the world, and our volunteers.

Please Pray Specifically:

  • for God’s healing power among the nations and the patients we serve, that the door would be open to gospel opportunities through healthcare
  • for the unity, compassion, and friendship of national and expat workers
  • for the children and non-medical members of each family (transition, education, safe food and water access, whole person health, friendships, social support, etc)
  • for the safety, health, spiritual protection, wisdom and healing hands of our missionaries
  • for opportunities, acceptance, and true integration of medical education – lifting the quality of care in the communities in which we serve

  • for those left behind back home, the families, loved ones, churches, and communities of those overseas

  • for single workers in loneliness, fatigue in solo decision making, having “family” both stateside and overseas to lift them up