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Welcome to Medical Missions 101

Medical Missions 101 is an online community dedicated to educating, encouraging and engaging those who share our passion for medical missions. As a community we are pursuing best evidence based practice in medical missions and global health; we invite you to join us. New content is added each week! If you find our content helpful, please share it!

Choosing Where to Serve as a Medical Missionary: Finding the Right Fit

I have seen countless medical missionaries fail from different organizations because they landed a place that’s not a good fit. They land at a mission station where all attempts to thrive individually and/or as a family fail. They then revert to survival mode where it becomes difficult to sustain the joy in life or the joy in serving. It may take only a few months or sometimes a full three year term, but serving in a place that is not a good fit will inevitably wear people down and bring them home.

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This channel was created to tell the story of medical missions, health programs, mission hospitals, and the missionaries who serve in them.  Each week we will upload new episodes from the field and from here at home as we interview mission leaders facilitating health programs and medical missions around the world.

When Healthcare Hurts

2nd Edition

When Healthcare Hurts is an evidence-based, critical look at the potential promise and perils of global health initiatives. Greg Seager, Founder and CEO of Christian Health Service Corps, asks thought-provoking questions about global health projects that can illuminate areas of needed improvement and uncover some of our own harmful biases. Mr. Seager draws from scholarly research, WHO, UNICEF, and other authoritative sources to compose six best practice guidelines in global health. The combination of real-world case studies and the author’s wealth of experience makes this book a must-read for anyone serving in short or long-term global health initiatives.