“How long, O Lord?” – Finding Hope in Ukraine

ukraine - agape staff treating patients

CHSC Physical Therapist Carrie Moss
and her colleagues at Agape Rehabilitation Center continue to serve
those with spinal cord injuries, disabilities, and refugees from the war
in Ukraine.

I know I am not the only one asking “How long, O Lord?” It only takes
a quick glance at the news to see massive suffering all around. There
are wars, floods, earthquakes and wildfires snuffing out and drastically
altering tens of thousands of lives—sometimes in the span of just a few

Still more suffering occurs in countless lives and countries that
simply does not reach our eyes and ears. In Ukraine, we continue to be
hit daily with devastating news. God is in control—I do know and believe
that—and yet my heart cries out for Him to shower this nation and
people with mercy and an end to this war and all the death and
devastation it brings.

At the Agape Rehabilitation Complex,
we continue rehabilitation, the construction of the Resource Center,
and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the de-occupied areas around
Kherson. We seek to be faithful in the continuation of these tasks and
we each have our role to play.

First, I would like to share feedback that we received from a recent
patient. Receiving her comments was unexpected for us and also a great
encouragement, particularly for her therapists.

Tetyana is a 52-year-old female who acquired a spinal cord injury two
years ago and arrived at Agape in a depressed state. While we all
witnessed her progress during rehab, none of us understood the full
impact on her life until she wrote back upon returning home. Here are
her words:

“A MIRACLE happened to me! I was depressed for two years. And now
I feel happy every day! My trip to Agape inspired this. Two months ago,
I sabotaged my first trip with a broken leg. As soon as the cast was
removed, my daughter asked me if I really wanted to go to rehab. She
always said, “I’m ready to help, but if you don’t take responsibility
for your life, I’m powerless to do it for you.” I decided to go.

It was three wonderful weeks. Above all, I wanted to learn how to
transfer to a wheelchair without help. Weak muscles did not allow me to
do it skillfully. But when my therapists gave me a special board for
transfers, I felt like a hero. I even learned how to get into a car.

I also learned to self-catheterize. In my condition, this is a
vital procedure. You can’t imagine how happy I was that I didn’t have to
call someone for help all the time, and the Agape employees rejoiced
with me.

I returned home with the feeling that I will be able to overcome
my fears and insecurities. And on the first day after my arrival, I
began making adjustments for my independence. I bought a light fixture
that I can turn on from bed with a remote. We rearranged the furniture
so that it would be more convenient for me to move around the apartment
in a wheelchair.

The next day, for the first time since my injury, I completed my
morning routine on my own, transferred to the wheelchair, made tea, set
the table and invited my daughter to breakfast. I even washed the

Recently, the roles have shifted in our family. My daughter took
care of me for a long time. And now everything has fallen into its
rightful place. I am a real, loving mother! I cook her favorite dishes,
which she missed so much. I support her and make her happy with her

I believe that my good mood, which I ignited in Agape, will stay with me forever!

I thank God that he did not leave me and again gave me a thirst for life!”

When we provide rehabilitation for our patients, we have the
privilege to give them increased independence, hope, and life. And we
get to share the love of Christ with them as well. What a joy!

Below are a few recent pictures from rehabilitation. Among our
current patients are five soldiers (all with spinal cord injuries) and
one civilian wounded in the war.

(Click on the images to expand.)

Men from Agape continue to make 2-3 trips per month to deliver humanitarian aid to the Kherson region. They have made a total of 17 trips in 2023. The area also experienced flooding after the dam explosion earlier this summer and they are still under near constant shelling. Most of the villages continue to be without water and electricity and the residents depend on the aid delivered by volunteers. Many of the residents are elderly and/or have a disability. They are very grateful for the help of volunteers such as our men from Agape.

Construction of the Resource Center continues on the territory of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex. Each time the builders complete another floor, we hold our employee meeting for that week on the construction site for prayer. In the picture below, we are standing on the ground floor and below us is the bomb shelter.

ukraine - Carrie moss and agape staff at building construction site

The ground floor will be used to store large equipment, such as electric and standard wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. This floor is now also complete and the second and final above-ground floor is being built. It will be used for storage of smaller items, such as diapers, non-perishable food items, hygiene products, etc. The builders say they can get the roof on before winter if there are adequate finances to purchase the needed materials.

None of us knows what tomorrow holds, no matter where we live. I am thankful for the privilege to be in Ukraine at this time and for the God-given opportunities to trust His plan both for my life and for the people and nation of Ukraine.

From Carrie’s blog. Published Oct. 23.

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