Nkhoma Mission Hospital (CCAP)

Nkhoma Mission Hospital has grown into a 250-bed hospital facility from a medical outpost started one hundred years ago.  Now owned by the Presbyterian Church of Central Africa (CCAP), it serves a rural catchment area of some 64,000 people – but patients come from all over Malawi, as well as from neighboring countries, for treatment.

Nkhoma offers both inpatient and outpatient care and conducts mobile clinics in its catchment area.  Inpatient facilities include pediatrics, surgical, general male and female wards with isolation rooms, TB, maternity, a labor room, and two general theatres.

The Outpatient Department has a family clinic, ARV (antiretroviral) clinic and supportive departments such as physiotherapy, pharmacy, and administration.  There is also an ophthalmic department with its own operating theatre.

In January of 2022, Nkhoma Mission Hospital opened its doors and surgical theaters to the first Residency Program for General Surgery. Through this program the hospital and its staff hope to grow and nurture young doctors. In this way, they hope to foster independence through the passing on of knowledge to future generations of medical professionals.

Surgeries include:

  1. Abdominal Emergencies and Elective Cases
  2. Upper and Lower Endoscopies
  3. and soon to be available Laparoscopy.

Current Needs:

  1. Support for infrastructure to renovate one of the current patient wards to become the Nkhoma Mission Hospital’s first Intensive Care Unit.
  2. Nonsurgical Medical Staff
  3. Continued Development of the General Surgery Residency Program

Annual statistics reveal:

  1. 19,000 hospital admissions
  2. 1,700 people receive general surgeries
  3. 3,000 deliveries

CHSC missionary physician Dr. Beth Stuebing Adams, is currently serving at Nkhoma Mission Hospital, providing hospital and community services.


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Christian Health Service Corps is an interdenominational Christian mission that holds the Apostles' Creed as our Christian Statement of Faith. The key qualification for missionary service is being a true disciple of Jesus.  

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Our Reserve Corps program allows healthcare professionals seeking to volunteer short-term to do so in a way that supports long-term Christian medical missions work. CHSC places healthcare professionals in a growing list of Christian hospitals across Africa, Asia, Latin America and other regions. Christian Health Service Corps works to improve access to primary healthcare, surgical services, and community-based disease prevention services. Non-Christian volunteers are accepted on a case by case basis but solely at the discretion of the hospital and CHSC team the volunteer will be supporting.

Faith Questions

Christian Health Service Corps staff are missionary medical professionals, but we do invite our non-Christian colleagues to join our effort to bring quality healthcare to the poor at the discretion of mission hospital and CHSC staff at the facility. Every volunteer is expected to follow the hospital dress code, where there is one, and code of conduct.

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