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Nkhoma Mission Hospital (CCAP)

Nkhoma Mission Hospital (CCAP)

Nkhoma Mission Hospital has grown into a 250-bed hospital facility from a medical outpost started one hundred years ago.  Now owned by the Presbyterian Church of Central Africa (CCAP), it serves a rural catchment area of some 64,000 people – but patients come from all over Malawi, as well as from neighboring countries, for treatment.

Nkhoma offers both inpatient and outpatient care, and conducts mobile clinics in its catchment area.  Inpatient facilities include pediatrics, surgical, general male and female wards with isolation rooms, TB, maternity, a labor room, and two general theatres.
The Outpatient Department has a family clinic, ARV (antiretroval) clinic and supportive departments such as phsiotherapy, pharmacy, and administration.  There is also an ophthalmic department with its own operating theatre.

Specialist surgeries include VVF (vesico-vaginal fistula repair) and cataract removals & IOLs (intra-ocular lens implants).  Annual statistics reveal:
19,000 hospital admissions
1,700 people receive general surgeries
3,000 deliveries

CHSC missionary physician, Dr Christina Miller, is currently serving at Nkhoma Mission Hospital, providing hospital and community services.

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