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Kapsowar Hospital

Kapsowar Hospital

Kapsowar Mission Hospital has inpatient capacity around 130 beds. It is located at a remote area of northwestern Kenya, about 60 miles from the Uganda border. It is a small hospital which provides majority of medical care to this remote region. The hospital provides maternity, pediatric, medical, and surgical care. Four dispensaries provide simple health care for the local people. The hospital has approximately 4,000 inpatient admissions and 15,000 outpatient visits per year.

The hospital has a busy obstetric department with about 300 deliveries each month with its share of obstetric emergencies. The operating theaters are also busy with about 150-160 each month.  The hospital has a nursing school, functional x-ray department, laboratory, and pharmacy.


Medical needs at this facility:

  • OB/GYN
  • General Surgeon
  • Family Practice
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Anesthesia Providers
  • All Medical Specialties needed and are welcome


Our staff often serve as faculty in established training programs and residencies raising up the next generation of health professionals. Others train national staff in less formal environments. Building local capacity is central to the identity of the Christian Health Service Corps, therefore we actively seek out places where we can have a lasting impact by discipling, and training local Christian physicians and health professionals to serve in their own communities. Kapsowar Mission Hospital has been approved as a clinical site for the Kabarak University family practice residency program. Residents are expected to start rotations in the next year.

Language: While English and Swahili are understood/spoken by younger Kenyans who’ve received an education, the older Marakwet tend to speak exclusively in Kalenjin. All hospital staff are required to be proficient in English.

Housing: Housing is available on the hospital grounds for long-term staff and short-term volunteers, mostly single-family homes and duplexes. on the hospital compound.

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