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A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

Located deep in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the therapeutic re-feeding program called A Labor of Love provides lifesaving medical care to severely malnourished children.  There, national and CHSC staff work together to build Nyankunde hospital’s capacity in providing clinical nutrition services and assisting families to develop strategies in preventing malnutrition within the context of their own life circumstances. Serving a population of approximately 500 thousand and admitting an average of 200 children a year, this program has made Nyankunde hospital the primary malnutrition referral center for regional health outposts and organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and. Designed for children who are so far into the malnutrition cycle that they are often unable to eat, walk, or even stand, A Labor of Love receives children that are days, if not moments, away from death. This program saves the lives of children each day, provides ongoing nutrition assistance and education for moms in the care of children.

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