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Adam and Dr. Michelle Yates


Mission: Michelle is serving the people of Ethiopia with her skills as a primary care physician and with her extra training in OB and HIV medicine. She desires to be intimately involved in teaching Ethiopian doctors, and discipling them to reach their country with the gospel of Christ. Adam is using his skills as an engineer to meet the technology needs of a mission hospital and teach others to do the same. Using the principles of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) they are growing the health care capabilities of the community starting at the community level on up to the hospital setting.

Donations can be sent by mail to: Christian Health Service Corps PO Box 132 Fruitvale, TX 75127

5000 Lives Changed!

Soddo Christian Hospital started a sustainable prevention program for rheumatic heart disease. It involves school-based ultrasound screening for early detection of rheumatic heart disease. A group of 6, that grew to 8 nurses were trained on how to do the screening ultrasound. They are now proficient to go on their own to do the screening.

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A Life Saved!

Sisay arrived at the hospital nearly at death’s door. We didn’t have enough resources to help….

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Baby Beniam

Beniam still needed hospitalization, but the finances had dried up.

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The healing of Kebebush

Today I was so discouraged, yet God heard my cry and answered my prayer. Thank you all for your partnership.

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There is Hope

a story of a mom who had a child she thought would die…

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Ethiopia – Mending Hearts – 13 year Garedo

Dear Friends and Family, I was on call a few months ago and one of our doctors called to tell me they were sending in a 13 year old orphan they met at their rural outreach clinic. When I first met Garedo I thought he was hours from death. He was

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