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Jessica Winston


Jessica began working as a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine in 2016 after graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She became a believer at a young age and has had incredible opportunities to travel and see the Lord work on multiple continents. She has always felt the Lord pulling her toward working overseas and is stepping into faith to determine where He would best have her serve. Jessica is pursuing working in a hospital in East Africa at this time and would love to connect with you and hear the stories of the way the Lord is directing you in your own faith journey.

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The Good Goodbyes

The issue with maintaining a blog is trying to decide what in the minute is inspiring you enough to write about. As someone who isn’t a writer and not often able to articulate moments very well it is easy to walk through life with pure enjoyment and trying to soak

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Nose to the Sunrise

Prior to my leaving for training in Colorado, my grandparents initiated difficult conversations with me regarding the likelihood of them leaving this earth while I was overseas. In preparing to pack up and leave everything behind, that fear of being absent from specific events has commonly been present in my

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Training in Colorado

I arrived home yesterday after spending the last 4 weeks in Colorado and as I sit on my parent’s back porch with perfect Spring weather (and an inch of pollen on my computer as I type) I am starting to process more of what I have spent the last several

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The Year of the Stroke: 2018

This is a few weeks late as it is now the first week of February… I have always prided myself on great genes and the health passed on to me from my parents. Little to no heart history and limited cancers throughout our ancestry line typically make it easy to

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To speak up…or be silent

So this is my first blog and here’s the thing… I’ve said before I would never blog because I don’t feel like I have much to say to the world that is not already known. I often prefer to listen to those around me and hear what they are trying

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