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Michael & Claire Wood


Michael and Claire met at college and got to know each other while ministering together in a nursing home. God has cultivated in them both a passion for serving people and sharing freely about the gospel of Jesus Christ through words and actions.

As the children of missionaries, they are both thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as missionaries themselves at Pioneer Christian Hospital alongside Claire’s parents: Joseph and Rebecca Harvey. Pioneer Christian Hospital serves the people of Impfondo and the Likouala Region and aims to offer healing to the whole person, integrating physical, social, and spiritual care.

Michael will support the hospital by working as an administrative assistant to the medical director: Doctor Harvey. His duties will include aiding with communications, assembling and attending meetings, following up on action plans, and more. Additionally, he will serve the hospital by helping coordinate with medical missionary volunteer teams. He also plans to use his gift and experience as an educator to help the people of the Likouala Region develop solutions to their own community health needs using a strategy called CHE (Community Health Evangelism). There are currently no CHE trainers in the Republic of Congo.

Claire will work in a role she has previously held; she will be visiting with recovering patients and encouraging them through the process of rehabilitation. In addition, Claire will serve the hospital by revitalizing Mbote Boutique: a sort of thrift store run by the hospital. At the store and at home she will use her gift of hospitality to make everyone around feel welcomed and loved. She has also fully embraced her new role as a mother and will be soaking up every minute with Baby Sylvia. In her spare time, she hopes to use her artistic gifts to add more beauty to the hospital environment.

Sylvia will continue to be adorable and bring joy to everyone who sees her as she grows.

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