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Dr Ashley and Mike McCurry


Mission: To serve the people of Kenya through practical means including medicine and engineering with an overall message of God's love. Mike and Ashley along with their four children live in Kenya and serve at Kapsowar Mission Hospital. Ashley is a family practice physician and Mike is a mechanical engineer. They have both been blessed to witness what God can do when His people say "yes" to the call to missions.

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Today was a monumental day, after 5 months of sick leave I went back to work today!

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Struggles of a working mom

I can’t explain why bad things happen, but I can say that our God knows. He sees our smiles and He feels our hurts. And He loves us, oh how he loves us.

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The struggle is real…

In the middle of a conversation with fellow missionaries I realized just how weird our life can be over here in Africa. Water has been a real struggle lately, mainly it’s the lack of water that causes the struggle. I had gone to discuss a case with the surgeons and the water topic came up:The water struggle is real!

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Breaking records!

Today was a great day! I beat the unofficial hospital record for…

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Bado Bado

Every night before going to sleep Oscar prays “God, thank you for giving me a passport”. I think this is exactly what the Bible means by the term “childlike faith.”

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AIC School of Nursing

In December we began construction of a steel roofing system for the AIC (African Inland Church) School of Nursing.

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