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Matthew and Mary Hollands


Mary is a registered nurse who will be working in the emergency department of Pioneer Christian Hospital. Alongside her Congolese and missionary colleagues, she will care for patients and improve the quality of care provided at the mission hospital. Quality improvement involves a combination of finding ways to make medical advances work in an under-resourced hospital, and educating the staff about how and why to do things differently. Her time will be spent primarily in the emergency and critical care department, and with the malnutrition program. Matthew will be serving as the maintenance and construction coordinator. The hospital power grid requires constant maintenance and repair, which is important to keep the operating room functional, the blood bank refrigerated, the oxygen concentrators running, and the lights on in the nighttime. Aside from this, the team at Pioneer Christian Hospital continues to grow, and is in need of more missionary housing on the hospital compound. Matthew will take on the role of overseeing these future construction projects. Through medical evangelism and building relationships with people in the community, they will share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the peoples of Impfondo and surrounding regions.

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A lot has changed

Today, I am writing from a comfortable couch in New York, while my husband is working on his computer across from me, and I haven’t stepped foot in a hospital in months. It’s funny, because this time last year I would have been in Congo, having dinner with my roommate

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