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Bob and Dr. Jean Young


Mission: We have served in Ghana since 1988, working mostly in underserved rural areas in Northern Region. For twenty years we have worked in Saboba on the Togo border. For 15 of those years, Jean was the Medical Superintendent and only doctor for the Assemblies of God Hospital, Saboba (previously called Saboba Medical Centre), a 112 bed Assemblies of God, Ghana mission hospital. Jean currently serves as the Surgical Specialist while her Ghanaian colleague, Dr. Samuel Sulemana, acts as Clinical Co-ordinator. Dr. Samuel Kando Bukari has recently joined the hospital as a Medical Officer. Mr. Samuel Odonkor is the General Manager and heads the hospital. AGHS offers a full range of services to more than 90,000 people in Ghana and Togo. Bob volunteers in the Maintenance Department at AGHS, preaches in local churches, and is a founder and active participant in the Local Council of Churches. We also host volunteer groups, both Ghanaian and expatriate. We are currently moving into Contagious Disciple Making/CHE. Our passion is to see the Kingdom of God advance among the Konkombas and other tribes whom we serve. Our constant prayer is that God will make the AG Hospital, Saboba, a place of His Praise, a place of His Glory, a place of Health, a place of Help, a place of Hope, a place of Healing, a place of Holiness, and a Place of Shalom!

Donations can be sent by mail to: Christian Health Service Corps PO Box 132 Fruitvale, TX 75127

Morning Push-ups and CPR

I had to be careful because my 72-year-old shoulders might not have liked absolute, military-style, chest to the ground pushups. But I continued. Morning by morning, I would get up, read my Bible, and do bursts of pushups. I had no idea why these exercises would become so important. 

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Country Doc

…her husband has just spent his last pesewa on petrol to fuel their motorcycle to come from Chereponi to Saboba.

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School Fee Blues in Ghana

It’s time for students in Ghana to return to school. And one of the biggest hurdles is paying school fees. Sometimes settling bills for school fees can become a real juggling act.

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Saboba Bush Doctor – “One Gaudy Night!”

For years I was the only doctor at our 100-bed mission hospital in northeastern Ghana. And for years there were times when I was as busy as a one-armed paper hanger and as anxious as an old alley cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Having a colleague to share call is a blessing above the price of rubies…

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The Lady from Togo

Now that she has healed, she looks 20 years younger and 5 inches taller!

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Ghana – Motherhood in West Africa

  Mother’s Day is a holiday not necessarily celebrated in Northern Ghana. Here in the villages, mothers form the backbone of the economy, as well as that of the family. Mothers and children may rise before dawn to fetch water and firewood, often from long distances. If a family is well off,

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