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Dr. Daniel and Dr. Priscila Cummings


Mission: Kalukembe Hospital is a 300-bed, 100-year-old district hospital established by Swiss missionaries and now run by a national denomination, IESA. It has been over 20 years without a full-time physician, with nurses managing the many aspects of patient care. Daniel (emergency medicine) and Priscila (OBGYN) are returning to serve the people of this rural area. They worked briefly there before (2012-2013); and they are looking forward to renewing relationships and beginning new ones on the wards and in the nursing, laboratory-technician and Bible schools.

Donations can be sent by mail to: Christian Health Service Corps PO Box 132 Fruitvale, TX 75127

International Women’s Month at Kalukembe!

March was International Women’s Month. To celebrate here in Kalukembe, the hospital offered 3 days of free prenatal consults and ultrasounds. We did in tandem a day focussing on obstetric fistula prevention, with a public health team coming to visit from Lubango to give talks at the hospital, in the patient villa, and at the nursing school.

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Life-Giving Blood

Last week we walked to church through the woods, passing a small cemetery covered by the graves of all the newborns who die at our hospital…

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Angola – Doing so Much with so Little

The is the story of “J” and his brother. They came to Kalukembe back in March, having each been bitten by a puff adder in their legs the week before. After a failed round of traditional medicines, their limbs were in bad shape.

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CATCHING UP in March 2018

Even those in very difficult social circumstances with very little possessions to their names hold to a peace in their situation that puts others to shame.

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It’s March and we’ve already had 2 visitors from the States this year–wow! We are now wrapping up our work at the hospital and putting in our good-byes; packing up the house; picking our last sweet potatoes from the garden; flying (and losing) our last kites; maybe squeezing in a

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Seasons Change

a magical transformation from a bone-dry land to a lush, green place…

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Kalukembe, our beautiful home

It (Kalukembe) is also the place where they are learning who God is, and how He is present and working.

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Friends and Visits

Elizabeth, who is a nurse practitioner at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, brought 2 baby mannequins to help in several hands-on resuscitation sessions on Maternity

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