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Drs. Jared & Jenny Brockington


Drs. Jared and Jenny Brockington met in Abilene, Texas during undergraduate at Abilene Christian University. They both knew they wanted to be doctors before they knew one another, and though being pre-med was something they had in common, their faith was what connected them. While in school, they participated in multiple short-term medical trips to serve the people of rural Guatemala and Indonesia. Two weeks after graduation, they married in Abilene and traveled to Uganda to work alongside a Christian physician before starting medical school that fall. After the trip to Uganda and then Zambia, they knew God had called them to live out their Christian faith as physicians overseas. They both attended Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City, Missouri where they each earned a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. After finishing medical school, they moved to Houston, Texas for residency training. Jared completed his training in Pediatrics in 2014 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. Jenny completed her training in Family Medicine in 2014 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. While in residency, Jenny also completed the Diploma of Tropical Medicine Program through the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. For 2 years they have integrated medicine, prayer, and Christ’s power to heal the body, mind, and spirit at Child Legacy Hospital near rural Msundwe, Malawi, and are excited to be moving to Chogoria, Kenya to serve at PCEA Chogoria Hospital in 2017. Jared and Jenny are both D.O.’s. Jared specializes in pediatrics, while Jenny practices family medicine.

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Walking alongside our patients

Charity was born to a first-time mom with HIV. Normally, that one statement is enough to make any healthcare provider pause with concern…

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Fragile, Yet Resilient

They are so fragile and yet, shockingly resilient.  Their body’s rage with infection and fever, but they continue to breathe by their own effort.  Their tiny chest rises and falls while their skin between their ribs pulls in and out…

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Navigating Kenya

We had to visit Nairobi a couple weeks ago to extend our visitors visa while we wait for our work permit to be approved (still waiting!)…

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Our first month in Kenya

Our water supply is pretty standard in this area. It comes from a nearby river and the recent rains make it very brown. Anything from creek water brown to coffee fountain brown. We use a water filter to purify it so it is safe to drink…

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Our Top 5.

What was it like to leave Malawi?  Our last week in Malawi was difficult because it meant that we were saying goodbye to so many that we had developed relationships with over the past two years.  It meant saying goodbye to so many in the community that we served as

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“Dr. Jared, I do not see an eye,” has to be the strangest statement I have heard in my medical career…

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Moving to Kenya!

This December we will be relocating to Chogoria, Kenya in 2017 to serve at PCEA Chogoria Hospital.

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…come to maternity. Now, NOW!

“Dr. Jared, please come to maternity now, now!” When I hear one of the nurses or clinicians say this on the radio, I know it is one of two scenarios: an infant is not breathing or…

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Back in Malawi…

She walked into the maternity unit with her husband who was no more an adult than she was. In her arms was her 6-day-old infant with a fever, fighting to breath for the last 2 days. She lived near Mozambique and it took almost an entire day to get to the hospital to have her baby examined.

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Our little flyer…

Overall, it was easier than we thought it would be with an 11 month old but we were glad to get off of the plane in Houston. We were greeted with great friends, homemade enchiladas, and Blue Bell ice cream! We made it to church that first weekend and…

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