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You Take My Breath Away

On September 3rd an ambulance rushed the hospital entrance. They were supposed to go to a larger city and hospital four hours away but took a detour and landed here at Hospital Loma de Luz. It was God’s grace and direction that they did because Maria, the sixteen-year-old in the ambulance, was in respiratory failure due to a poisoning. She had ingested a poison in a suicide attempt two days earlier. It had filled her lungs with fluid. We immediately intubated her. She had come to the end of any hope and tried to end her life. 

As we transferred her into the ICU I was her primary nurse for the rest of the afternoon. My heart was broken for her and wanting to fight for her life so that she would have the chance to find new hope in Jesus and to the life he invites us. As I set up medications and assisted with the mechanical ventilation alongside the docs, I set up the weekend ICU nurse schedule and called in favors from my nurses to work overtime. As we are short staffed and tired with the regular workload, asking for an extra nurse for every shift was a stretch. But the narration I spoke over her and the staff was that she needs new hope and life, that she is worth the fight, love, time, and care that we can give. Not allowing shaming or apathy into the storyline, we will fight for life and abundant life.

On September 4th as my team was caring for Maria, I took off for the city to purchase my vehicle, as previously arranged. Bought a beautiful 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser, that is perfect for where I live and will be able to safely transport a lot of people inside the vehicle. Thank you all who prayed and gave so that I could have wheels and more freedom to move around and serve here in rural Honduras.

At the hospital our team fought for 21 days to keep Maria breathing on the ventilator, all working overtime. I and others worked several 60 hour weeks at her side, making sure that nothing would take her life. Through every setback, she somehow kept fighting. In this valley, Maria did come to claim Jesus as her savior, and started seeking out worship music, prayer, and even wants to be baptized. She has made it through this horrible valley of the shadow of death, and God was right by her side every day and night

Currently she is still with us due to family unrest. She is being cared for at night by the nursing staff and in the daytime she goes to our children’s center across the street for some structure and healthy kid interaction and environment. Would you pray that she will fully heal physically and emotionally? Also for a healthy family placement. In the meantime may she continue to experience a healthy Christian loving environment, to know God’s love powerfully and tangibly. 

Gracias for praying for us and supporting us as we walk through the mountain tops and valleys of life at Hospital Loma de Luz. If you would like to help with Marias hospital bill that has totaled five thousand dollars (family is not able to pay), would you prayerfully consider contributing? Here is the giving information for Cornerstone,, in the giving/memo line please write “September ICU care”, and let me know so that I can communicate a total raised. Thank you. 

 I hope and pray that the God of perfect peace and grace will walk with you and your loved ones this season.



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