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Wrong or Strong?

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When we do change to people, they experience it as violence, but when people do change for themselves, they experience it as liberation.

Rosabeth M. Kanter (Harvard Business School)

It is a fact that, at times, a secular organization may put into practice a biblical principle and advance further in one aspect of applied truth than the Church if we are reluctant to obey. However, a secularist cannot effect enduring change as much as a follower of Jesus can by the power of the Holy Spirit! Unbelievers simply copy behaviors or techniques without knowing the Source of the truth or the reason why it is important beyond an individual’s lifetime. History is replete with examples of believers bringing incredible transformation to culture (hospitals, schools, the banking system, thousands of scientific discoveries, etc.). The watching world notes the benefit and implements a practice, but without the foundation of Christ, the effects are not as profound or durable. Over time, they become deformed when separated from the Truth. over 100 years, secular universities and foundations have researched best practices to help people. The results are very affirming of what we believe, teach, and model in Community Health Evangelism (CHE). For that reason, we are sharing a European TED Talk (18 min.) that is worthwhile for anyone seeking to help another person exit poverty. A Christian could have pointed all the researchers to the way Jesus helped people in the New Testament to see the same principles in living color. His technique was not haphazard or money-based. One time it involved telling His disciples to feed thousands of people by first evaluating what resources they had in hand (a few fish and loaves of bread). Another time, He allowed a public disturbance, roof tiles to be removed, and friends to dramatically lower a sick man right before Him during a teaching session. He invited people to come to Him with their needs, rather than coercing His better way upon them by force or with funds. As His devoted followers, we want to follow His example to help communities know Him and experience true community transformation!

Prayer and Praise

  • When we applied for our Ghanaian visas, we were disappointed to find that the price had gone up to almost $300 per person for an annual multiple entry visa. The embassy typically grants 3 mo. to 1 yr. We were thrilled that our request for five-year visas was granted for the same amount as the one-year visa! Give thanks with us for such a blessing of favor.
  • Thank the Lord with us also that five new donors have contributed to our mission account since January. Three of those are new people who commit to monthly giving, and another increased their giving! Pray that the trend continues. We are grateful every day for you, our faithful ministry partners and new friends.
  • Pray for those trained in CHE (February 4-8) and Discovery Bible Study (December 4-6). Several implement what they learned. Ask that they persevere to see obedience to Christ’s commands increased.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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