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Wrapping Up

This week wrapped up well for us. The CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training of trainers (TOT1) in Bouna finished on Friday night, as expected. The pastors-in-training appreciated what they learned from four trainers. In addition, during three nights, they participated in or practiced leading Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). One man reported in his first daily course evaluation that he was astonished to see a woman, Debbie, teaching lessons as well. This gave a great opportunity to mention that, around the world, women are often chosen in the community to make the weekly household CHE visits.

Debbie left the CHE training early on Wednesday to return to Bondoukou by bus. [Aside: public transport has greatly improved here. She was on a Greyhound-size bus with working air-conditioning and TV. Only the sizes of the seats were much smaller than in America, and bathroom breaks still consisted of bushes on the side of the road.] We needed a team to return to the second church that began Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training two weeks ago. So Thursday night, she and two Ivorian brothers divided the almost 30 gathered people into three groups and demonstrated how to lead the Discovery Studies. On Sunday morning, we will meet with this congregation again for the last day of joint training. Next, they will begin incorporating Discovery Studies into their 5 cell groups that meet around the city as others we have trained mentor and encourage them over the coming six weeks until Verlin can follow-up personally again.

Corbin is wrapping up his senior year at Union University. We are thrilled to see our youngest child accomplish this milestone in life! When we attend his graduation in May, we also will handle a host of other activities around the same time. More on that later. For this week, we have a long list to wrap up before we take a flight out on Saturday, April 28.


Pray for Corbin to finish well in his studies and for a job soon after graduation.Ask the Lord to inspire and guide the pastors-in-training as they prepare for a life of service to Him. Pray also for those learning to lead Discovery Bible Studies.Thank you for your prayers and offerings that allowed at least 37 people this week to be encouraged in the faith and practically equipped to serve the Lord better! They, and we, are extremely grateful for your faithful partnership to multiply believers professing Christ here.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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