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With Thanks

This week we are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Here are our top five reasons for giving thanks and an added top five interesting things about living in Costa Rica for language school.

  1. You! We are thankful for all of our friends and family back home making this vision possible. Without your support we would not be in language school or on our way to serve at Hospital Loma de Luz in Honduras. Through your generosity we are able to make a difference in many people’s lives providing them physical care and spiritual hope.
  2. We have been healthy (besides one mishap with raw cookie dough) while in language school. This has been a miracle as we volunteer alongside many sick persons at a nursing home. It allows us to keep all of our focus and energy on learning Spanish
  3. The small city where we live, San Isidro, has been quite safe. We are now able to navigate several bus systems on our own as well as cross town for various errands. We are thankful for the Lord’s protection and your prayers for continued safety.

    The view of San Isidro from a nearby hill.

  4. We have found a wonderful church near to our host family home that has been welcoming, is lively, and pushes us to know more Spanish!
  5. Our Teachers. Their encouragement and direction have helped us to continue to work hard and stay the course in learning Spanish. The learning is still slow, but progressing. Thank you for all of your prayers regarding our immersion process!

Interesting facts about living in San Isidro:

  1. There are no street names or house addresses. In this large town everyone navigates by the large Catholic Church in the middle of the city or other landmarks. People obtain their mail by collecting it from the post office as there is no door to door delivery. For example, to get to our school we tell others: Walk north until you get to the cemetery, then take a left. When you see the corner with the mangosteen tree, take a right and the school will be on your right.”
  2. Every town/small village has at least three things: A school, a church, and a soccer field. Usually they are right next to each other.

    In San Geraldo de Rivas, about 45 minutes from where we live.

  3. Gallo pinto is the national dish of Costa Rica and is comprised of rice and beans eaten at breakfast daily at almost every home. When polled at a local college by a friend who teaches English there, every student said they would rather give up their phone for a month than go without gallo pinto for a month!

    Gallo pinto with eggs and tortilla.

    Gallo pinto with eggs and tortilla.
  4. Costa Rica is known for its wide variety of birds. The birds and wildlife here are incredible to see. From our classroom we are frequently visited by toucans and other brightly colored birds.

    Can you spot the Toucans on the wooden rail?

  5. Costa Rica’s money is called the Colon (Pronounced as “Co loan”) and is named after Christopher Columbus who the Spanish call Cristobal Colon. Bank notes are made in different sizes to help those who are visually impaired recognize the denomination of the bills.

Blessings to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


Our visit to a local waterfall, Caldera Falls.


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