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As has become typical, this week has been an attempt to direct a swirling whirlpool of activity to have constructive rather than destructive ends. Urgent priorities of adjusting website code to more effectively deliver newsletters like this have competed with our time for meetings, handling vehicle registrations, travels, bills and other manifestations of being alive. As a U.S. fast food commercial famously lampooned many years ago, ‘Where’s the beef?’ What makes it worthwhile?

Accepting or rejecting Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man at the same time, is ‘the beef’. Is it He who rightfully sets the rules over all that is foundational to living life and eschewing death? Every person on the planet must at sometime in their life consider the claim of the solitary life that Jesus lived and that He lives vicariously among us. That singular choice defines the meaning of life for each. In response to a son’s question on self-motivation, Verlin reviewed himself to realize that this question continues to rock his world. The regular affirmative response drives him to share with others that the acceptance of this belief creates a better lived reality for everyone.

Personally, the ‘good energy’ flows when reflecting on how to better serve Jesus and grow a reflective interaction of exchange through the Bible and whispered prayer in personal, family and social worship. The practice continuously generates choices that motivate acts tending to good and not bad. In larger society, understanding the role of disciple making by the onion understanding of G. Linwood Barney permits fearless sharing that this belief informs values. In turn, institutions can propagate these to influence behaviors for good outcomesthat tend to life and abundance, not death and penury. This explains why Deb and I focus upon training others as obedient disciples of Christ. The planting of churches is a means, not an end. The training or motivations shared in settings as diverse as worship services, household Discovery Bible studies, classrooms, university halls, and conferences help others identify, acknowledge, or affirm, that Christ Himself is the source of life’s energy for all we touch, taste, see, and hear. He’s ‘the beef’ of every so-called objective experience of reality we experience. It’s why we covet your prayer and support for our witness here.


Rejoice and pray that Holy Spirit direction and oversight grow more evident in life choices. A trainer shared Wednesday he could not train at the University. Friday he reversed. Pray God continues to shore up the weaknesses of each training or opportunity we have to share. Pray the Ivorian HCFI visit to healthcare workers in Bondoukou results in a local chapter. Rejoice God provides knowledgeable partners to advance institutional incorporation of fruitful beliefs such as God equips these days through the UFHB Master’s degree curriculum development.

Your partners in the Gospel,



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