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When Poop Flies

No, that wasn’t a typo. I didn’t mean to write “pigs”. I really am going to talk about poop because in Honduras, poop flies! But bear with me as a I give you a little background to this story.

The Cornerstone Foundation was formed by Dr Jeff and Rosanne McKenney in 1992 when they felt God calling them to start a mission hospital in Honduras to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people. The building of the hospital brought roads, water supply, electricity, and the Gospel to a very poor, forgotten people group on the northern coast of Honduras. Hospital Loma de Luz is located about 2 hours down a bumpy dirt road by public bus from the nearest grocery store.

The public bus and motorcycles are the most common forms of transportation around here because most Hondurans cannot afford a car. Hondurans can fit their entire family of 4 or 5 people on a motorcycle (How many can you fit on yours?) Even we missionaries mostly drive some sort of motorcycle or ATV as our main form of transportation.

Most of the people here earn a living by doing manual labor such as cutting grass with machete’s, harvesting palm oil, etc. A lot of people around here also raise cattle. It is very common to see cattle walking loose down the road or even just lying in the middle of the road taking a nap (a Honduran speed bump) as they make their daily trek from one grazing field to another. Now we all know that cows eat A LOT so that means that they poop A LOT, right? Watch out where you are walking and driving because there is poop everywhere!

My friend Katie and I were hanging out at another missionary family’s house when Reagan’s distress call came over the radio that her quad had run out of gas on the dirt road. I held onto my quad and the huge gas can for dear life as Katie drove us crazily down the hill to Reagan’s rescue. We found Reagan walking down the road quite a long way from where her quad was so we picked her up and continued on our way. It was then that it happened.

“Katie!!! Look out for the…”

She drove right through it.  The front quad wheel sent fresh, still warm cow poop flying into the air splattering all over us. I mean, this cow had just dropped the load and walked away. You can only imagine the girly screams and hysteria that followed. So there we were on the side of the road covered in sweat, dirt from the dusty road, and fresh cow poop trying to figure out how to even put gas in Reagan’s quad. It turned out that gas wasn’t the problem so we ended up pushing Reagan’s quad with my quad down the road to the hospital gate and leaving it there to get towed up to the bodega (maintenance shop). We were late and quite filthy for dinner at the missionary family’s house but we eventually made it! There is rarely a dull moment around here!

On a more serious note, I am still about $200 a month short of my monthly goal for fundraising. As you know, I do not get paid by the hospital to work here but have to raise money to meet my monthly expenses. Just two people donating $100 a month will mean that I am fully funded. Will you be one of them? Smaller amounts and one time donations are also very helpful! If you feel the Lord leading you to support me financially, you can find my donation link here. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support! Love you all!

My sometimes not so trustworthy quad takes us everywhere


A pic with the stars of this story, Reagan and Katie


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