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What is “Calling”?

A very wise friend of mine once translated a quote to me from Frederick Buechner, and it’s something I’ve never forgotten. She told me that our calling in life is the place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. Go ahead and read that statement again, it’s worth it. In our christian language we talk a lot about “calling” and what “God has called you to” and “His will for your life.” I think it’s evident everywhere you look right now that the world has a deep hunger. The world is yearning to return to a sense of normalcy. The world is looking for healing and searching for a cure. So where does one even start in the midst of a pandemic to determine what their calling is? I hope this season has been a time for you to reflect on just that. I know it has been for me anyways.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the state health department in the midst of this and I am thankful for some sort of routine and task to keep myself focused. I have attempted over the last several weeks to just be more present with the people around me. (which has mostly been my family) I feel like it is so easy for my mind to jump to the next thing or the next season and not sit in the beauty of today. It’s easy for me to not be completely present. I often feel like I need to be accomplishing something so sitting down and doing nothing with others often leaves me with a feeling of urgency that I need to be getting something finished. I have learned over the years though that if I am sitting in this sense of urgency to complete a task I often neglect who is right in front of me.

So what does calling look like? If we look at the quote I mentioned previously, we have to get to the root of where our deep gladness is and where our passions are. I think we have to start here and then seek to align those desires with the heart of the Father. I firmly believe that as those desires align he is good to reveal what our calling is. I think it can change and morph all the time but I believe if we keep seeking him, we continue abiding and listening to the Spirit, then he will show us where we can meet those hungers through him. To me, I think a large part of it is abiding in the Vine, as he calls us to in John 15. It’s resting in and with Christ while actively living out the passions he’s given you.

Give yourself grace in this season. One of my new favorite artists released a song earlier this year called “Springtime” and I have been clinging to parts of the lyrics that say, “We will sing a new song, cause death is dead and gone with the winter” it goes on to say describe the love of God and says, “You’re the sun that’s shining, you restore my soul, the deeper you call us, the deeper we’ll go.” …“Your love is like Springtime”


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