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This week was replete with opportunities to use our voices for the sake of the Kingdom. Sunday morning Verlin began the training of a sixth evangelical church in Bondoukou to learn how to conduct Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) at home and church. In another setting many people were invited to the December DBS training that the pastors’ collective will host here, with our guest, Jean-Marc Fritsch from France. One pastor who stayed with us during a conference voiced his appreciation

B’kou Conference “Choose Life” for ways that Community Health Evangelism (CHE) has blessed his ministry, and he gladly received Debbie’s encouragement and materials to further train children in his church to memorize Scripture at each grade level. One of our DBS trainers had opportunity to witness at length to a young Muslim man. Another voice that made us particularly rejoice was the report of a second pastor. He testified to changes occurring because of CHE in the remote village where he grew up. Young men banded together to build a school, and whereas those youth were formerly known as good-for-nothing thieves, virtually street children, their good works have caught the attention of village leaders who applaud their efforts. Also, some of the elderly, seeing the spirit of transformation in progress, have given their lives to Jesus! Often the elderly in Africa will acknowledge the truth of Jesus and tell young people to go ahead and follow Christ, but say they are too old to change, so these decisions are precious.

After over a year of planning, the Million Village Challenge (MVC) conference will occur this week, Wednesday through Friday, November 14-16. We will travel to the site of the conference on Saturday, November 10, hopefully arriving a few hours before you receive this update. Representatives from the Global CHE Network, Medical Ambassadors International (MAI), Jesus Film Project, ECHO, MegaVoice, Africa Service, AMI, and Tearfund will join their voices during the conference to offer resources, information, and encourage Ivorians. Terry Dalrymple of the Global CHE Network and Dayo Obaweya (MAI) of Nigeria will testify to thousands of communities transformed around the world using the ministry of Community Health Evangelism (CHE). They will challenge believers to engage with hundreds of Ivorian villages where the Gospel has yet to penetrate.


▪ Ask the Lord for life-changing decisions at the MVC conference. Pray that numerous churches, denominations, and NGOs will hear the voice of the Lord leading them to engage with the unreached and unengaged villages of Cote d’Ivoire.

▪ Pray for safe travels of invited guests from other African nations and the United States, as well as protection on the dangerous roads involved for travel to the conference. Ask for special grace in the visit to a remote village to see CHE in action.

▪ Pray that brochures promised this week, but which were not completed correctly, will be ready in time and delivered for the mid-week meeting.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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