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Giving Up, In, or Out?

Give Up

Debbie had an adventure returning to Cote d’Ivoire. As she waited at the gate in Nashville to fly to Newark, all flights going to the northeast were delayed and then canceled because of a massive storm system. She left the next day with her preferred airline and pleasing flight plan. From Chicago to Brussels, she was asked to give up her aisle seat for a mother traveling with children. In exchange, she was offered an upgraded place behind first class with more legroom. A late departure from Chicago almost made her miss her connecting flight in Europe. As a gift for all the hassle, Air Brussels offered her an upgrade to First Class for her final flight! All these events reminded her that when we give up our “rights” and schedule for the Lord’s plan, He often provides us blessings included with the changes. Giving made a difference.

Give In

On Friday, while paying for the airport parking after picking up Debbie, Verlin acquired a new nickname. A small Ivorian girl called out, “Papa Noel!” (Father Christmas to the French and Africans), when she saw Verlin’s s bushy beard! Verlin gladly took pictures with the girl, as requested. Sometimes you give in to a child’s mistaken dream, knowing that reality will catch up with him someday. Giving made a difference.

Give Out

SE-RCI-K.kro-IPCCIWhile Debbie finished up in the U.S., Verlin followed-up on some infant Community Health Evangelism (CHE) works in southeastern Cote d’Ivoire to give out encouragement and counsel to trainers and trainers-to-be. In one village, a deacon repented openly of his objections when he realized during an explanation and demonstration that suffering and persecution accompanies the introduction of what seems new. Longtime servants patiently wait-out some members of the group who stall progress by waiting for others to give handouts. Several core groups of believers renewed their commitment to reach their own and several surrounding villages. We eagerly await what the Lord will do during the upcoming years in this southeast region. Giving made a difference. At times you have to wait for people to be “plum give out,” as relatives used to say, by personal failures before they choose to embrace Biblical changes of behavior that produce community-focused efforts.

Prayer and Praise

  • Thank the Lord for Debbie’s safe return to Cote d’Ivoire and added travel blessings.
  • Pray for the CHE efforts in southeastern Cote d’Ivoire. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to the core group of believers who will receive further training and then reach out. Pray for the people not yet willing to change.
  • As we’ve no additional news, please continue to pray for health professionals to effectively counter Yellow Fever and Ebola outbreaks as shared in last week’s update.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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