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Unseen Power

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Current Explored

Electrons bumping excitedly into each other along an electrical wire greatly bless our daily lives. So, too, do individuals transformed by the Gospel that “bump” into others. They create currents of truth in motion that power change. As with electricity, this happens effectively when unseen. Unseen electric current powers lights, air-conditioning, computers, and so much more. When seen, there is a danger. When it is absent, everyone knows it. Movements of people reconciling to God happen similarly. Persons transformed by their relationship with Jesus multiply in unseen ways with seen effect. They get fitted to accomplish the good works God has prepared for them. Typically, the initial process does not attract attention. When it does, there is usually a problem to be discerned and corrected. However, while the transforming power remains unseen like electrons, transformed lives agitate together to produce positive and lasting changes.

Current in the City


Power service improves in Côte d’Ivoire

In wrapping up five events, we visited fellow laborers in four cities suffering power outages and fluctuations in electrical current. Hopefully, none experience the damage we frequently see in Bondoukou. This year, however, the power company set up a new regional relay station near us! It promises a brighter future. However, it will not be nearly as bright as that which we see Jesus bringing with His ‘Son’ light in spheres of worship, Discovery Bible Studies, medical care, and education. In the less than 24 hours since returning home, we have heard exciting ministry news that we expect to share with you in weeks to come.

Current at the University

An electric transfer of truth through Community Health Engagement (CHE) continues taking place through the university. We have surpassed the initial goal to train 300 healthcare professionals to influence medical practice. These gain many more. Next year, as during this one, the university CHE team will take over greater responsibilities so that the multiplication continues even when we no longer participate.

Current among Children

This week, Verlin visited with C in Abidjan and met with his fellow teachers and staff. C began working with the children using HEFPDC last year. Around 1,000 children participated with him to do things like clean the school courtyard, but he had no help! He could not reasonably expect to continue and manage such activity alone, but other teachers did not see what they would gain by getting involved. Verlin shared the vision of CHE in historical context. Use of the strategy here already accomplishes 28 of 87 goals that are targets for the Department of Education to reach by 2025. They are now in phase with C. Individuals being transformed by the Gospel here create currents that enlighten truth and power change for eternity.

Prayer and Praise

  • Thank the Lord for the positive meeting with the leaders at the Abidjan school. Pray that more than three will engage outside classroom hours to improve the health and moral well-being of the children.
  • Ask that the Lord continue being the Guidewire for the university team as they take over the responsibilities and run the CHE training on their own. Upcoming meetings will define our exit plan from there over the next few years.
  • Rejoice that we are safely home after three weeks of ministry and opportunity in Abidjan.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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