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The term “unexpected” can have such a wonderful or heart-rending connotation. Some of our ministry partners and we ourselves have had some unexpected events recently. In mid-June, the mega-city of Abidjan experienced torrential rainfall and flooding all over the city. Thousands of people were affected, including our dear Christian friends, the team leader of the Community Health Engagement (CHE) at the university, Dr. Luc, and his wife, Deborah Kouadio. The rising waters were so dangerous in their neighborhood that they had to clamber onto the roof of their house for safety. They are displaced to the site of their marriage renewal ministry until the house is made habitable again.

Our Ivorian brother M. who leads DMM Bible studies and works with us in the agricultural project at Bondoukou had a great week. He held a moringa exposition at the market for the first time and was stunned at the eager response of people. One contact which may have future ministry impact was with the newly arrived prefet (similar to a territorial governor). The Lord seemed to open numerous doors by this event.

Debbie has been unexpectedly graced with great progress after the knee replacement. She uses a cane now and is advancing rapidly in therapy. Healing will take months, of course, but the first two weeks have gone extremely well.

Last Sunday Verlin met with two more churches in Bondoukou, back-to-back, to share about the great potential to reach the lost through home-led Discovery Bible Studies.

Instead of 10 to 20 people signing up, which would have been a good number, he unexpectedly had over 60 people commit to be trained at the second! This will positively challenge DMM trainers.


Pray for the many people affected by the flooding in Abidjan, including our friends Dr. Luc and his family.Thank the Lord that our DMM partner who teaches the children has found a young person to train to be his assistant.Pray for the over 60 people who recently committed to be trained to lead Discovery Bible Studies! More than 10 studies are meeting around Bondoukou. We rejoice to think of the many souls that the newly trained believers are touching.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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