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The LORD uses His own space and time to accomplish His will. It’s AWESOME! He coordinates flights, meetings, and encounters so we His people and others outside of our folds, or sheep pens, hear His truth. With thanksgiving we affirmPsalm 23’s declaration that He leads His own in paths of righteousness. He guides us to assist and be assisted in our times of personal need.

Verlin arrived safely to Cookeville after flights and layovers allowed him to share Truth while introducing Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to others paid for humanitarian work around the world with the USAID andthe WHO (links are to researched trends CHE starts or reinforces in local settings). No sooner had he landed in Nashville than our youngest son called with urgent car troubles, seeking advice. Only a few hours earlier, and Verlin would not have been available. If it had happened a few days later, Corbin would have been in danger during travel to see us. Similarly, our daughter sees the hand of God guiding her through the aftermath of a car accident earlier in the month. Providentially, no one was injured and the accident happened close to the home of friends who helped. The next day, as she needed wisdom for decisions about the wreck, a police officer arrived for an appointment where she works and gave her sound counsel.

Monday, before Verlin left for the airport in Abidjan, he met for the first time with Dr Thomas, an influential mega-church leader, to share the Million Village Challenge (MVC) and opportunity for CHE training later in the year. An Ivorian friend who promotes CHE accompanied Verlin. Our African brother found he unknowingly had other personal connections with the pastor. Not only that, but the evangelism done through CHE promoted by the MVC matches in detail what leaders in this movement have been looking for as a means to help unreached villages in the nation.

This should never surprise us. After all, “when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son…” (Gal. 4:4). At just the perfect moment in history, Jesus came to fulfill His earthly mission. Time and space are in His hand, and so we rest in His providence.


Pray for the National Association of FWB that takes place Sunday through Wednesday in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ask the Lord to encourage His people, and pray that decisions made will honor His name and further His Kingdom in a mighty way. Verlin will attend.Pray for the perfect provision besides the rental car for Cara, our daughter, in a timely way.We enjoyed taking a half-day to relax and celebrate 32 years of marriage this week!

Your partners in the Gospel,


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