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The Whirlwind

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, that’s for sure. I think that now that we are finally settling into a more long-term routine, the reality of the last year is hitting me. It’s been good. But it’s been intense and it’s been full of major change, which is always hard. My heart and soul are feeling the stress and strain of living in such upheaval and change. But small mercies found here in the jungle of Honduras are soothing me, speaking peace into my unsettled spirit. God is near. I can feel it.

We have now been in Honduras for just over two weeks. Two weeks of change, adjustment, and getting used to new habits and daily rituals. Two weeks of getting to know new friends, new jobs, and new routines. Its all new and different. Different than Haiti. Certainly different than home.

Jason and I have both begun our new jobs, with all of the stress and sense of being overwhelmed that comes with a new position, particularly a new position in a foreign country. Jason is, of course, serving as a family physician at the Loma de Luz hospital. As I write this post, he is serving his first night on call, something that he was feeling some anxiety over. I kept reassuring him that he will be fine, even better than fine, but that kind of anxiety can only be relieved by living through the anxious event and surviving it in tact. Hopefully by tomorrow morning he will be feeling a bit more confidence in his skill and expertise and knowledge of the system at Loma de Luz.

As for my job, I am working in administration of both the bilingual elementary school (where Ana will attend) and the hospital. I love having a meaningful role, and the schedule brings needed routine to my days. This was something that I didn’t have in Haiti, and it is a wonderfully welcome change. While I am certainly overwhelmed with everything there is to learn, I am hopeful that this job will be a good fit for me.

Right now, until Ana starts school at the end of October, all three kids are being homeschooled. For this “I am not cut out for homeschooling and will never do it” mom (life is funny that way, isn’t it?), I am happy to say that it is going pretty well, mostly due to the great effort and dedication that the kids are putting into their work. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Ana is excited, however, at the prospect of going to school, where her social little self can finally interact more with other kids instead of the torture of all day long sitting on the computer doing homeschooling. We have been assured that her new teacher is incredible, which adds to the excitement of her starting back in school. It will be a gift.

While all new beginnings are hard, the warm welcome and embrace of the other American families down here has softened the blow of yet another cross-cultural move. They have brought us meals, given us housewarming gifts, welcomed our children, answered our endless questions, and given us countless rides since we have no vehicle at this time.  Their words of encouragement and love have soothed our anxious souls. Once again I will say, surely God is near. We feel it.

So that’s the update for now. We are getting adjusted, learning, learning, learning. Please, if you are at all inclined, pray for our family, will you? We are slowly realizing our dream of bringing healthcare to the poor of the world, but it comes at a cost to our family, paid in separating from the comforts of life in the U.S. and missing friends and family and the busyness of life at home. We cherish all thoughts and prayers sent our way.

Missing you all,



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