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The struggle is real…

Doctor A: “I am considering showering in the theater (surgical building). They always have water, and it’s hot water”

Doctor B: “Yah our rain tank is almost empty, I think we will use the rest of it in the next day or so”

Doctor A: “We pump just enough water for the day from our rain tank hoping it will last a while longer”

Doctor C: “We hooked up a hose to a spare water line and we get about 10 liters a day from that line”

These are all survival techniques, and none of them will last through the drought! Mike has been working really hard, spending a lot of hours in the forest trying to solve this problem. He and his team have come close to a solution but they are still trouble shooting.

Will you please pray for our water situation? Pray for Mike and his team to be successful and for God to provide abundant water for the hospital.


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