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Mom of Baby Boy

The Importance of the Ministry of Presence

This is it. This is where I belong. Sitting across from this beautiful mom. Trying my best to break through my American accent, trying my best to communicate through broken Swahili.

Her child is sick, her precious new-born baby boy. The baby she carried in her womb for nine months and then persevered, through unmedicated labor, to bring into this world. She and her babe had not even had time to settle in at home before mom began to realize that something wasn’t right.

Now, here here we are, this brand new mama and me, sitting across from each other discussing the best plan for her baby. Our eyes do more communicating than our words. I understand that look, I’ve seen it before, I’ve felt it before: “Help my baby!”. The truth is, I couldn’t help her baby. Two brilliant surgeons and I looked at her baby and the three of us settled on a plan, but not one of us could directly diagnose the problem.

But still, this is where I belong. Sitting across from this mom. My short-comings exposed. My lack of expertise apparent. But knowing that my job is to love. My job is to comfort. My job is to give the tiniest glimpse of God’s love through my interactions with these people, in this tiny place, right now.

Please lift this mom and baby up with me in your prayers for God’s complete healing over the coming weeks and months.


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