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The Gift of Mobility

When you think about mobility what usually comes to mind? Is it using a bike, scooter, car or plane? Or is it being able to connect virtually anytime and anywhere thanks to technology? In my (Andrew) line of medicine I think about a prosthesis, crutches, walkers or wheel chairs. All of those things, while seemingly simple, can make a world of difference in giving a person who has lost mobility due to an accident or disease the ability to get around independently again. Only after coming to Honduras was I first introduced to another piece of mobility equipment known as the Hand-Trike. Our Hospital recently received a few donated Hand-Trikes and I immediately thought of Edgar (name changed).

I first met Edgar in 2018 when he was laying on a stretcher in our Emergency room after being shot in a robbery. Edgar survived, but one of the bullets hit his spinal cord resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Paraplegia is difficult to deal with no matter where you are in the world but is especially difficult for Edgar who lives in a small house on a narrow dirt path, which as you can imagine was not accessibility friendly.

Several people on our hospital staff through the years (special shoutout to the Amends!) have gone above and beyond in their care for Edgar and his family through home visits, making his house and bathroom wheelchair accessible, caring for his wounds, and providing physical therapy. While Edgar does have a wheel chair, he mainly stays confined to his house and his small yard.

That changed last week when I got to help bring Edgar this special gift. We found Edgar in his yard laying in a hammock but as soon as he saw us he was eager to get up and start using the Hand-Trike. He had heard we would be coming with the trike and was excitedly waiting for our arrival. After a few small adjustments, Edgar was off and cruising. He was beyond thankful and he says he will now be able travel around the neighborhood to visit with other family and friends and to help get food/supplies at the local markets.
We thank God for his care and provision for Edgar and we are humbled that we got to play a small part in this Christmas gift giving. We also thank God for all of you who have given of your time, your resources, your finances, and your prayers to partner with us in bringing the love of God to the people of Honduras. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


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