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The Famine has Ended Here!

Join us in a quick trip to Uganda. We walk along the path together in the bright morning sun. Even before we reach the garden, you hear laughter and lively chatter. Everyone is talking at once. People are happy. The corn is ready to harvest and the neighbors have joined us to bring in the bounty. Thanks to Farming God’s Way, an ecological no-plow method of farming, we have a bumper crop. The six month famine in Uganda is finally over.

The famine was very severe. Even when we had money, it was difficult to find food to buy. Thankfully, we saw God’s miraculous provision day-to-day. We reduced our rations and were able to share what we had. A family came to live with us. What a joy it was to hear a little child’s laughter in the home again. Widows, HIV patients and orphans received food. Neighbors came and by the grace of God, we had something to give.

Here is a group of photos showing a sampling of the many people who were saved from severe hunger because of your partnership with us. We can’t thank you enough.

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