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The Book

Tens of thousands of people in our town of Bondoukou are Muslims. They are 8 days into their holy month of Ramadan, a lunar calendar dated event than began May 26th this year. It is a time of fasting all day and feasting after sunset; a time when they believe themselves to be seeking God in a more focused way. Many Christians take the same 30 days to spend extra time praying for Muslims worldwide. Jerry Rankin of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies explains one reason why. “Testimonies are abundant of those who have dreams and visions of Jesus appearing to them and saying, ‘Follow Me.’ Others will be impressed to find someone with ‘the book’ that tells the way to eternal life. None of these revelations are sufficient for salvation, but they break down the barriers in their heart, they lead to an inquisitiveness to find out who Jesus is or to know what the Bible says.”

Debbie hosted a women’s Discovery Bible Study this past Thursday for the first time. The aim is to set the pattern for training ladies to hold similar studies all over town with their neighbors. Seven ladies attended. All came and shared from different life experiences. One is a neighbor with a serious problem in her family. Another is the only Christian in a courtyard of Muslims. A third is a widow who recently became a disciple of Jesus. One is the wife of a man learning to lead Discovery Bible Studies with Verlin. The other three sisters-in-Christ are from two local churches who are exploring what it means to have a Bible study like this. Pray that these dear women seize a vision that the Lord can use them to share the Gospel beyond their families, yet through their hearth and home. When we forgot to get photos during the study, Verlin snapped this shot just after the ladies left! At least you can see the setup of the living room when we meet there and not under the courtyard’s mango tree.


Prayer and Praise:

  • Pray that the Lord prepare local Muslims’ hearts during this month of Ramadan to seek God’s Way with us. Debbie prayed with a Muslim lady during the week, asking the Lord to provide her daughter with a job. Verlin prayed with a village imam that the eternal path of justice be found by all. We trust to see sharing opportunities increase with our neighbors.
  • Ask that the women’s DMM Bible study multiply the fruitful witnesses in local churches.
  • Verlin and a  DMM partner began setting apart land in a nearby village for moringa production. Pray the project will increase the number of people blessed with better health in witness to Christ, while opening yet other doors of spiritual ministry in the community.
  • Pray we all learn to do well the works prepared for us in Christ. These are what change for better the current trends revealed in Pew research statistics, both here and there.


Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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