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Team Building

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Taste and See
(Psalm 34:8)

For lack of team building, some ministries, companies, and families do not experience the full measure of a threefold cord that is not quickly broken (Ecc. 4:12). One of the things that “wowed” us about Community Health Evangelism (CHE) during our first training in 1998 was the reliance on local and worldwide partnerships. A database containing thousands of lessons remains available to anyone completing a Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1). In addition, the Global CHE Network connects CHE trainers and users worldwide. When meetings like the Internship in Ghana take place, much networking and discussion time shares the challenges and successes of individual ministries. For those working in French-speaking nations, we apprise them of more French lessons and our contextualized approach. If threefold cords do not break easily, imagine the strength of thousandfold cords as energized Kingdom of God servants put CHE into practice!

Come and See
(Psalm 66:5)

220217-AICG-Malian-Pascal-sharing-Farming Gods-Way.jpg

Pascal shares Farming God’s Way
with other W. Africans at the CHE
African Internship Center-Ghana

This week, Verlin had the privilege of facilitating five of his six scheduled sessions concerning team building. Before leading any, he got to know the sixteen interns who participate, coming from eight or more nations, by arriving a few days early. As always, the Lord brought people to share information that will bless ministries in Cote d’Ivoire, as our experiences bless them. For example, Verlin met Pascal from Mali on the first day. He “just happened” to begin a Farming God’s Way ministry effort three years ago. As a result, he was aware of that ministry having a formally trained contact who now distributes the authorized translation materials in French for West Africa. We had wondered how to order and get the materials delivered using an affordable process that others could repeat. It is beautiful when God provides team-building help just when we need it!

Prayer & Praise

    • 🙏 Thank the Lord for the good fellowship and exchange of ideas developing and happening during the Internship. We thank God that our Christian brother from Mali connects us to others who use the bible-based Farming God’s Way agricultural training in West Africa! Pray each attendee gains many skills and connections to enlarge their ministries into movements, seeing souls saved and transformed families, towns, districts, and nations.
    • 🙏 Verlin’s ear is back to normal today after his repeated treatment. We appreciate your continued prayer that complete healing will not have to await dental repairs in the U.S.
    • 🙏 Pray for a newly relaunched effort to grow mushrooms in Bondoukou. The first attempt stalled last year and in 2019 because it did not receive a timely supply of promised mycelium. As a result, the team attempts to grow the mycelium locally. This is an important effort to provide startup funds for an Ivorian teammate who implements Farming God’s Way with us.
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a mission of dedicated medical professionals who participate in the CHE Global Network. Together, in a loose affiliation of individuals, churches, denominational, and nondenominational agencies, we share God’s Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Verlin and Debbie accept donor partners to contribute as led to provide support as we maintain residential ministry in Cote d’Ivoire to expand CHE ministries under the auspices of CHSC & Ivorian partners. Tax-deductible contributions by check are to be made payable to the CHSC with Andersons #0118 written on the memo line. Mail to CHSC – PO Box 132 – Fruitvale, TX 75127. Give online via the CHSC @ (3% fee) or TDF (0% fee).


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