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Healing Belief

PDF Version: AWA_Update_190622.PDF Spirituality (i.e. individual practices) and religion (i.e. communal practices) influence health through pathways of behaviors, social support, psychology, and supernatural laws. – Oman & Thorensen, 2002 cited in The Influence of Religion on Health   Beloved, I pray that you prosper in all things and be in

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Wrong or Strong?

PDF Version: AWA_Update_190223.PDF   When we do change to people, they experience it as violence, but when people do change for themselves, they experience it as liberation. Rosabeth M. Kanter (Harvard Business School) It is a fact that, at times, a secular organization may put into practice a biblical principle

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From Drs. Daniel and Priscila Cummings, CHSC Physician and Obstetrician serving at Kalukembe Hospital in Angola Lately, we’ve had lots of very sad stories recently…with moms and babies dying. But even in these times God is faithful to give us glimpses of hope. Zamaica Dungula is a baby who brought

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