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Does God Propose?

The last three months have amusingly let echo in our lives an expression passed among Ivorian believers. “Man proposes but God disposes” (Proverbs 19:21 TLB; Thomas a Kempis, Homo proponit, sed Deus disponit, from Of the Imitation of Christ). Reviewing our last quarterly and the weekly editions that followed, we know a virus changed the plans of millions of people even more than for us.

In February, we rushed preparations to renew contact with ministry partners in MI, ID, IL, OH, NC, FL, MO, and TN. As COVID-19 reactions struck and

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Leadership LEAP

Recent lifestyle adjustments due to COVID-19 remind us of two things: change is a constant, and, never let a crisis go to waste without thinking of how to improve the future. Such thinking may seem audacious to some, but . . . Audacity is a leadership quality summarized in the LEAP acronym (i.e. love, edge, audacity, and proofs).

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From Dr. Lindsey Cooper, CHSC Pediatrician serving at Nyankunde Hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo My eyes picked them out from across the room at the outpatient malnutrition clinic, a very young girl holding a very small 5-month old baby. They were admitted last week with severe anemia and malnutrition.

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