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Tagged as: Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

Brain Changer

It amuses and instructs us when medical science “catches up” with the everlasting truths that our Lord already revealed through His Word. In recent years, much has been written about neuroplasticity in the brain. Gratitude and positive thinking grow neuron networks in the left prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that helps us seek solutions to problems. As we travel along seeding the hope that comes with the Gospel through Community Health Evangelism, we are learning the power of thanksgiving. Learn it with us to hold onto what is good, grow some neurons, and solve some problems. We bid all who read a daily, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mushroom Firstfruits

Growing Things

Growing the Kingdom of God demands growing more than filling church buildings or so-called worship centers. Equipping the church to obey every command of Jesus unselfishly means believers learn to manage plants, work relationships, and animals among other created things. All must be managed as worship to God to facilitate the apparent dominion of Jesus over all things to all persons. Greedy decisions that often cause loss rather than gain are overcome by persevering saints.

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Genuine Help

Bringing genuine health, hope, and healing through the Gospel of Jesus-Christ demands more than providing modern medical services. Such a witness requires wholistic health messaging to be effective in changing physical, social, mental, and spiritual realities in a targeted milieu. The messaging needs to reinforce good practices by identifying their best practices rather than summarily dismiss all habits unfamiliar to the medical professional as useless. To genuinely help heal given individuals and their population requires that they are saved to redeem their world and their perspectives. Pray with the Andersons as they identify the good to reinforce in Cote d’Ivoire while minimizing social support for what is harmful to good health.

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Unseen Power

Many apparent good works turn out to be ‘flashes-in-the-pan,’ as the light used with 19th century circa cameras. Enduring good works happen in ways that parallel electrical current lighting. Individual believers transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ create currents that enlighten truth and power change.

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