What We Do

Supporting Hospitals

Christian Health Service Corps Strengthens Christian Hospitals

CHSC builds community and/or Churches capacity for healthcare by helping identify and address barriers to improving healthcare and walking in partnership to overcome those barriers.

Christian Health Service Corps addresses many challenges to developing functional healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries. Challenges such as:

  • All the medical facilities where we serve operate with limited resources, including medical supplies, electricity, and even clean water.
  • Patients are unable to pay for services making hospitals unsustainable
  • The hospitals we serve in are understaffed and have limited training
  • The facilities where CHSC works, are often rural access hospitals where that have a difficult time attracting national staff due to location and low pay
  • Well trained local physicians tend to stay in the cities where they can make a living. Many well-trained physicians also leave their birth countries and migrate to work in the US or Europe.


CHSC is Building Healthcare Capacity for Generations to Come

Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a leader in building capacity for Christian healthcare in developing countries.  We operationally support 30 Christian mission hospitals, mostly operated by local churches. We work to increase functionality of Christian Hospitals and improve the quality of care provided in those facilities. We achieve this aim through:

  • Providing much needed quailed healthcare professionals
  • Providing quality educational programs and mentorship for healthcare professionals
  • Sourcing medical equipment and supplies
  • Investing in hospital operations, new buildings, updating existing infrastructure with new pluming, electric, generators, staff housing and more
  • Assisting hospitals with quality improvement initiatives that improve patient outcomes
  • Assisting with monitoring and evaluation of quality improvement initiatives and research initiatives
  • Building administrative knowledge of the partner Churches that oversee hospitals in which we serve