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Summer and Visa Update


You know now that we are moving to Zambia, that we have left Fort Worth – our home of 10 years – and that we have left our employer of most of those years – John Peter Smith Hospital.

We spent four weeks of our summer in Colorado at Mission Training International (MTI). This was an incredibly beneficial month of learning language acquisition skills, cross-cultural transitions, and team-building exercises. It was excellent training but also very hard and tiring. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to go there for pre-field training, and we thank God for the many friendships we made.

Our departure for Zambia has been delayed with a hiccup in the application for medical licensure and work permit we need Kent to acquire to do medical work in Zambia. We had hoped to depart by the end of September (and likely told most of you this during our goodbyes), but I think now we are looking toward the beginning of November. It has taken us a while to find the proper documents (which were in storage at my parents’ house in Abilene, TX; my dad braved the July heat and dug through all our boxes). At first this delay really deflated and frustrated us. But the Lord has shown us that we can use this time to profit our family. We can rest in a country house that has been offered us. I (Amber) can learn to drive a manual transmission. We can build some self-care routines and learn to rest in God’s goodness and faithfulness, even in times of waiting. We plan to start our homeschool (with a professional educator! Yay, Madison!) next week. We had an extra busy spring and summer and moving out of our home in Fort Worth was no simple task. We are looking forward to this family time together, even though we are still going to be traveling quite a bit.

We appreciate your prayers and friendship.

Prayer Needs:

* Medical licensure and work permit approval in Zambia

* Health insurance coverage for our family

* Homeschool starting with Madison

* Good goodbyes with friends and family

* Wisdom and humility as we share our plans, hopes, dreams, and needs with various churches and individuals

* To formulate a realistic and effective self-care plan to help us be physically, emotionally, and spiritually well, both during this next season as well as in our new life in Zambia

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