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Struggles of a working mom

Our Lyon Michael turned 9 this weekend. No, I haven’t let that sink in yet. How did I get so old?! Anyway, we celebrated on Saturday night as Lyon had planned a S’mores bar for his friends. There were graham crackers, cookies, chocolate, PB cups, chocolate carmel squares, and of course marshmallows. Everything you could need to create a magnificent s’more. I was on call this weekend and finished my daily work just in time to get home and set up the party. Of course, as soon as the first guests arrived I was called to the hospital for an emergency. Let me be honest. I was not happy and was feeling pretty sorry for myself as I headed up to the hospital. I mean, missing my kids bday party?! There goes my mom-of-the-year award! When I arrived, my attitude quickly changed.

I found a mother in grave danger of losing her life, and quickly discovered that her unborn baby had not survived the travel up the mountain to Kapsowar.

After explaining to the mother what was happening we rushed her to the OR. This mighty mama, determined to deliver her baby, had tried so hard at the first hospital to push her baby out that she had ruptured her uterus. Now we had little time before mama would go in to shock. In the OR I delivered the baby and quickly called our surgeon for assistance to remove the uterus. His skilled hands worked quickly as the anesthetist worked hard to keep mom’s blood pressure from bottoming out. The team effort was successful but as I told the mother, it was God who saved her life! After the patient was stabilized I talked her through what had just happened. We talked about how she had tried everything in her power to help her baby. We talked about her sweet little girl’s complete healing in heaven, and we talked about the loss of her uterus and thus the loss of her ability to become pregnant again. As I walked home that night I was overcome with gratitude to the point of tears. Here I was celebrating the 9th birthday of my perfectly healthy, smart, sensitive, organized boy while this mom was grieving the loss of a baby she never got to meet.

I can’t explain why bad things happen, but I can say that our God knows. He sees our smiles and He feels our hurts. And He loves us, oh how he loves us.


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