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D.R. Congo – Strength To Walk Again

Strength To Walk Again

I was reminded again this past week that we care for patients so that they can tell others of the goodness of God. As patients are healed they bear witness to others, and God receives the glory. So many times in the New Testament Jesus heals and the result is many people praising God, not simply the one healed. My jaw dropped recently when one of my patients walked into the pediatrics ward for a clinic follow-up.  Delphin was hardly able to walk in April due to tuberculosis affecting multiple bones in his body. After many arduous surgical drainages and lots of pain, the infection seemed to be under control enough to go home. I had his story translated into Swahili and told the family to share the good news with their friend and family.

What joy to see him walk with a smile on his face! The purpose of this visit was to see if he should start the academic year. I gave a wholehearted “YES!”

One of my other patients stood for the first time last week.  Neema is a 3year old who has been struggling for months with the neurologic complications of tuberculosis. She has been all smiles these past few weeks, able to sit independently and swallow food. Just as we were watching Neema stand, we asked, “Can she walk?” Her mother said “No.” I think Neema heard us. In an instant, she walked towards the door, holding onto the bed. It was as if she wanted to show us what she could do! What joy!!!  Neema means “grace” in Swahili.


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