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Story Power

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A Narrative

Our family takes pleasure in the renaissance of storytelling arts in our lifetimes. Whether from Scripture, mythology, American or African folklore, we’ve explored together. We’ve found that artful narratives hilite incarnational truths that replace persistent, deadly lies when shared. In days that news narratives seemingly focus on distracted or distracting fake news, The BIG STORY of the Gospel advances by lived lives of disciples. We reflect in word and deed the varied facets of immutable Truth, Jesus, not our truths.

Building Many Together

During a village visit in December 2012, Verlin came alongside a new pastor who had recently finished the Training of Trainers (TOT) modules one and two to use Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategies. Since then, updates traced God’s artful narrative enlightening incarnational truths to replace persistent deadly lies there with readers (Space Cadets, Aha Moments). Verlin visited the team of trainers and a new committee using CHE ministries again this week. The story God develops, and that they share, formed as their local church grew from one small group of fifteen to thirty parishioners to one of over four hundred worshipping witnesses in five assemblies. Verlin has visited them more frequently in the last six months as they prepare for the scientific congress than during the prior seven years. The visits help them recognize their narrative. God asks then they respond using what they have in hand to build latrines, protect wells, enable public education, trim the brush, and, amidst other signs of wonder and hurt, usher many more into God’s Kingdom. They develop their story with God to encourage and multiply disciples when they testify to what they now ‘own.’ Theirs is one of thirteen experiences to be shared September 5-6.

When picking up Debbie, Verlin recognized a typical sign that they had contracted ‘cold feet’ instead of feet shod with a readiness that comes from the gospel of peace (Ep.6:15): No follow-up on a commitment. They were to have researched pictures to prepare their university report and sent them. None had come by the appointed day! The visit revealed a fear to invest money without seeing a return. Committee members feet rapidly became beautiful (Is.52:7), again, as we met. In reviewing points of The BIG STORY with them, they better understand their roles in hiliting truths that they now live to replace the deadly lies that once reigned over them. They send two witnesses with what they have to the congress. It will cost them dearly, 190823-remeet-chiefs-sonsbut they already know the growth of their blessings has happened by their having paid prior prices to share the transformation that they now enjoy. We then blessed the chief and his sons. We shared the Creator’s provision of Moringa oleifera and the growing opportunity for the community as the collaboration with a regional nurse and sharing at the university creates a Gospel promoting synergy.

Sends One

During Verlin’s visits since 2012, a local FWB home missionary answered his call to ministry, completed studies at the Bouna Bible Institute and now goes to the Volta Region of Ghana to plant a church. He was home to prepare a report for the coming General Assembly. He sees the changes. He better knows how God’s artful narratives hilite incarnational truths that replace persistent, deadly lies when shared.

Prayer and Praise

  • The mushroom raising seminar of last week is now being reproduced. Pray the practice yields profits.
  • Pray for our wisdom as we prepare, pack, and leave for weeks of CHE, MMD, and sharing in Abidjan.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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