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Ministry Changing Diet

Stepping into Development

Stepping Faith

Stepping by faith to make life-altering changes in ministry or personal behavior is not easy! When we write of many who now decide to practice Community Health Evangelism (CHE) or start Discovery Bible Studies (DBS), know that most of these experience periods of doubt and apparent difficulty. That’s not new.
The reason so much happens today is a shift of perspective. Ivorians hear from us, but also from Ivorian examples who previously took the decisional plunge. We serve as encouragers, or coaches, these days, rather than as ‘golden gooses’ who provide some material means to do anything. We help the called-out to identify their resources as they pray, plan, and discover what God has prepared them to do, as they recognize what must become a habit so that their lives change for the better. Often, others near them do not understand the initial decision. Sometimes they feel intimidated. Our focus, therefore, is less about ‘doing for’ than ‘equipping’ others to do. Visiting far-flung CHE teams, or individuals starting DBS, or interfacing with what passes as ‘traditional’ church ministry these days, stimulates each to do more good.
The following types of gifts keep more going than we could ever do by giving material or money:
    • encouraging words and acts while participating alongside occasionally;
    • sharing examples of other CHE practitioners;
    • passing along information about discovered and available resources, and,
    • brainstorming solutions together to identify solutions for problems.
Through the counsels of prayer and God’s Word, these faith-steppers find themselves to have at hand, or to become themselves, the solution to their problems supplied by the grace of God.

Faith Development

Verlin had one of five such encounters this week when visiting CHE trainers in another city to share examples. He ‘happened’ to see a formerly young, struggling pastor whom we had invited to spend two days in a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) training. The pastor made time to participate at the last minute. That time led to notable changes in his approach to ministry. Church attendance has grown from about 25 to more than 100 as small groups meet in Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Church members have started two new outreaches in outlying villages. Incremental growth happened as he demonstrated and taught with an occasional word of encouragement from us, and church members seized the vision. He anticipates starting CHE programs to develop the practical outworkings of the faith with these new believers.

Stepping into Development

There are now over 500 individuals or groups touching two to 15,000 other people who have been trained in CHE by your ministry partnership with us in Cote d’Ivoire. Some Ivorians have amazing stories of transformation and growth. A few have tried and given up. Others need help to overcome challenges to minister. A significant number just now begin. It is our joy to meet them where they are in the process and help them incrementally move forward to victory. Thank you for helping make this possible.

Prayer and Praise

    • We asked you to pray that the Lord would lay on some Ivorian hearts the need for CHE ministry among children. This week we made acquaintance with another school teacher that wants to be trained by a DBS leader to use the HEPFDC with K-6 kids. Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer! Pray a disparate group of 4 teachers will influence many to take up the challenge of equipping children for life in partnership with parents outside of the classrooms.
    • Debbie has two weeks to complete many tasks before returning to Cote d’Ivoire on August 7. Pray for stamina and wisdom to get everything done.
    • Pray specifically for Pastor D. and his church, as they continue to apply DBS to reach new people in various neighborhoods and to help believers mature in their faith and practice.
Your Partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie
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