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So. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard this story. And if you live near me, you’ve heard this story. BUT. If you don’t do either one of those, then you NEED to hear this story. I cannot stop thinking about it. And praying that it NEVER EVER happens again. Like ever.

First thing you need to know is that I have pretty much gotten accustomed to all types of bugs and critters and insects in my house … cockroaches, ants, moths, scorpions, mosquitoes, you name it, we have them in the house and even in our beds. None of these things even phase me anymore. So ya. But this, this is another thing altogether. And just, no.

It was 8:30pm at night. I was on my way over to my neighbor’s house, using the back door of my house. We have a regular door and a screen door. I opened the first door first. No problem. I open the screen door, WHAM, a SNAKE fell from somewhere on the door and LANDED ON MY ARM. People. On my arm. I was standing in my house. Inside my house. The snake fell onto my arm and then onto the floor and then crawled into the house. Into my house. Where I was standing. In my house. I may or may not have freaked out. It didn’t look like just any ordinary garden snake. It was black and had yellow stripes. I try to avoid snakes at all cost, including any knowledge about snakes, so I had no idea if it was poisonous, but I had heard something about how black on yellow kills a fellow and I was definitely seeing black on yellow … just NO. Did I mention it was on my arm? Inside my house? Oh, you got that? Ya. Needless to say I ran the opposite direction and called for Peter. He trapped it with the broom and asked me for a knife. I obviously brought him all the knives, because of afore mentioned arm and house. He thankfully and very bravely cut off said snakes head. And now, I will have nightmares about snakes forever … so, maybe you’ll pray for me too? That I will never have to touch or have a snake in my house ever again.

(I have since been told by some that this snake is poisonous and others have assured me that it is not … not sure who to trust, but still happy that it’s no longer in my house.)

– Katie


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