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It is quite common to become so absorbed in the details of daily work that we can miss sign posts that indicate how far we have traveled down the road of ministry. True for all of us with any work, right? Recently, we had an epiphany when thinking about taking a few days to “get away” together. As we discussed various possibilities, the realization deepened that there was really no region left in Cote d’Ivoire where we can retreat to renew. Why? Every region we have used in the past now has multiple people nearby who desire some training, mentoring, or follow-up in some form of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) or Discovery Bible Study! After a day or two of rest, we would desire to contact these to check-in or to encourage them! The realization did not resolve our regular need to plan a break, but it did underscore the wonderful problem that has grown up in recent years.

As he left Joel in Ghana to develop ministry with other Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) missionaries, Verlin met with a Ghanaian CHE leader and then a Mennonite couple about expanding the use of the CHE strategies in northern Ghana. He barely had time to wash clothes and turn in a financial report from Bondoukou before traveling late Thursday to Abidjan for follow-ups and a car alarm issue. Friday he met with university team members about the fall CHE training exposition and enlisted some help to combine multiple English and French lessons into a single one-hour format lesson. Ongoing progress toward introduction of a master’s degree specialty that focuses on CHE approaches and Verlin’s current role in assisting that were also evaluated. Two hours were then invested in casting a vision with an Ivorian missionary and anthropologist who lives and works in another nation. The couple expressed their conviction that the CHE strategy’s wholistic approach is an exact fit for their work in villages. It may even help them start in schools using the Health Education Program for Developing Countries (HEPFDC). Verlin also met with Arnold, a physician trained in CHE at the university, who has seen excellent results in combating tuberculosis. Arnold wants to further the interest of youth and tribal leaders in Abengourou for sanitation and micro-enterprise using CHE.

Debbie finishes physical therapy this upcoming week. This will be just in time to help Corbin, our youngest child, with his move to begin an electrical engineering job in St. Charles, Missouri. She will stay with him a while, helping him find an apartment to lease while he works during the day. It will be his first time to be a sign alone on a rental agreement after sharing apartments with friends in college. Any advice from Missourians about living in St. Charles is very welcomed.

Prayer and Praise

  • Please pray for Corbin as he moves and settles into a new job in a new state. Ask the Lord to direct him to godly friends and a good church home since he knows no one in St. Charles.
  • Pray that the Ivorian government will advance and rid the country of road bandits (coupeurs de route) whose crimes have escalated in the past year. Even this week, Verlin spent an extra night in a hotel during travels to avoid a situation as gendarmes hunted one particular gang.
  • Pray for all your missionaries to find effective ways to prioritize rest and renewal away from their ministry posts, including us. We all know this is an important part of balancing life, but planning or finding the financial means, the times and places when in another country is itself challenging.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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