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Serving with Christian Health Service Corps

There are three types of long-term service through Christian Health Service Corps. One is for professionals and spouses seeking to serve at mission hospitals and health programs. The second is for healthcare and allied health professionals seeking to work at the community level focusing more on health promotion than healthcare delivery. The third type is for anyone who serves in an operations or support staff role here in the USA or at any CHSC affiliated hospital, or health program. We also have a select number of short-term service opportunities such as pediatric cleft and heart surgical teams, medical school and residency faculty rotations.

Healthcare Missionary

Healthcare Team Members

Healthcare professionals seeking long-term service focused on healthcare delivery or training of local healthcare professionals. The minimum commitment for this program is three years, one year of preparation and building your support network and two years of field service. Applicants for the healthcare missionary transition program are required to have professional training and hold a professional license as a physician, NP, PA, RN, pharmacist or allied health professional.

Community Development

Community Development and Support Staff Team Members

The minimum commitment for this program is three years, one year of preparation and building your support network and two years of field service. Applicants for the community development (CD) or support staff service are not required to have professional training or hold a professional healthcare license. Public Health professionals, Paramedics, LVN’s are welcome to apply under the CD program. Support staff and community development positions are open to any applicants and there are needs at locations around the world.

Serve With CHSC


CHSC is the only organization that specializes in sending and supporting healthcare professionals long-term. You can apply to serve at any of the hospitals listed on our website but also hundreds of other locations that are not listed. For more information email us at [email protected]


Required Training

Customized Preparation

CHSC pre-field preparation and training is largely customized to the individual and the service location. Some may require extensive 4 to 6 week cross cultural preparation. Others may require less cross cultural training but more preparation in clinical guidelines for global health and tropical medicine. The preparation is designed in cooperation with the candidate and CHSC leadership.


This is a one week program held twice per year for new applicants and those praying about long-term service. This event is held at the Christian Health Service Corps headquarters in Grand Saline TX.

Please contact us via phone or email if you are interested in attending, and visit our Training page for upcoming dates.

Online Orientation

Following the in person orientation there is a weekly online portion of the orientation that includes sercurity awareness. During this time CHSC staff will work with you to help you gain a clear understanding of challenges you will face as you transition to field service.


Learn about CHSC training courses and service opportunities.