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190916 MicroEnterprise Development training photo by Dayo

Servants Leading

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Serving at Work

FDF-1B visit of Bruno

Visiting teacher

We praise the Lord for the seventh successful year of Community Health Engagement (CHE) training that we completed at the state university. We help move university team members from being CHE trainees to serving as CHE trainers each year. Several teach a few lessons during the week.

We were interested in the story shared by a pharmacist as she taught the lesson “What is Good Health?” for the first time. This lesson makes the strong Biblical case that good health is not simply the absence of disease, but being at peace with the Creator, self, others, and the Creation. She gave this example as she facilitated the lesson. As a pharmacist, she has noticed a pattern among young women who come to buy medications. They give a litany of symptoms like headaches, poor sleep, a sore back, and so on. Having learned the CHE approach to good health, she began to realize a pattern. Instead of offering these women medicine for every symptom, she asks them to sit down for a short consultation. When she queries, “So, my dear, what is going on at home?” she most often learns that there is a problem with the woman’s husband, live-in boyfriend, or perhaps children. Her physical symptoms are often a manifestation of a lack of peace in another area of her life. How wonderful that CHE affects this medical professional’s ability to minister to people at work!

Serving His Servants

During the university training of every September, the amazing team at ARC-en-Christ (Rainbow in Christ) houses and feeds us. This ministry devotes itself to the restoration of Ivorian marriages by thorough Biblical training and personal counseling. As a result, the CHE team does not have hotel or restaurant expenses during the week. Couples whose lives have been transformed at ARC-en-Christ serve us every day. You do not know, unless you are told their stories, that they are doctors, heads of medical departments, business owners, etc. They mop the floor, clean toilets, change light bulbs, run errands, and prepare our meals—all in service to Jesus and His servants. These live so that His Kingdom will come in Cote d’Ivoire. They are some of the most humble and gracious people that we have ever met.

Serving the Nations

Every year, experienced CHE trainers from other nations have come to assist in the university training. Their passion for Christ passed along through CHE and decades of field experience add greatly to the week. This year we are thankful for Dayo Obaweya and his lovely wife Tope from Nigeria, and Bruno Feuillerat from France, for their important contributions.

Prayer and Praise

  • Rejoice with us that another year of successful CHE training at the university is accomplished. Pray the national planning sessions that we held after the training accurately discerned the will of the Lord to guide our activities. CHE practitioners from other nations encouraged learning and brainstorming with our Ivorian team of leaders and master trainers.
  • Praise the Lord for good press regarding last week’s Scientific Congress. The publicity stimulated government support and final attendance. We filled two first level classes and met a quorum for the Micro-Enterprise Development (MED) training. Pray each level transforms their energy  into action (“energy” links to an 11 sec. YouTube video).

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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AWA represents Andersons Witness in Africa.
It is also a brand of bottled water in Côte d’Ivoire where we serve

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